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Name: Kyndal Sorenson
Name: Kayla Cummins
Name: Maryam Ibrahim
Name: Mohammad Mousa
Name: Quintin Woods


Descriptive Statistics

Experiment 1
Standard Deviation Average Count Standard Error
0mg 1.523010177 3.834 10 0.481618106
5mg 1.593931547 8.932 10 0.504045412
10mg 30.11069386 61.622 10 9.521837451
15mg 212.9429762 657.941 10 67.33848166

Experiment 2

Standard Deviation Average Count Standard Error
0mg 2.225551617 10.516 5 0.995296941
10mg 7.402885924 11.112 5 3.310671231


Experiment 1

Experiment 2


Experiment 1

Experiment 2


After calculating the descriptive statistics and inferential statistics, group 9 was able to determine appropriate P-Values for the data from the human and rodent experiments. The ANOVA test conducted on the human data gave a value of less than 0.05. This indicates that there is a significant difference in Inflammotin levels according to LPS dosage levels. The graph showed a significant jump in Inflammotin levels from subjects who received 10mg of LPS and subjects who received 15mg. The graph also showed the standard deviation increased with the dosage amount. That indicated that the drug can have a varying affect in subjects. For the rodent subjects, the ANOVA test showed no significant difference in Inflammotin levels with LPS dosage because the P-value exceeded 0.05.