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Name: Quintin Woods
Name: Mohammad Mousa
Name: Kyndal Sorenson
Name: Kayla Cummins
Name: Maryam Ibrahim


Independent and Dependent Variables

Independent Variable: Lipopolysaccharide
It is the independent variable because the amounts used can be controlled and changed.

Dependent Variable: Inflammotin
It is the dependent variable because it varies based on the amount of lipopolysaccharide.

Experimental Design


Positive control group: Subjects will be given 10mg of lipopolysaccharide.
Negative control group: Subjects will be given a placebo.
Group 1: Subjects will be given 8mg of lipopolysaccharide.
Group 2: Subjects will be given 6mg of lipopolysaccharide.
Group 3: Subjects will be given 4mg of lipopolysaccharide.
Group 4: Subjects will be given 2mg of lipopolysaccharide.

10mg is known to increase protein levels, therefore it was chosen for the positive control. Since the goal of the experiment is to determine the lowest possible dose, a 2mg decrease is made throughout the groups. In addition, the negative control group is given a placebo to verify the effectiveness of the drug.


The experiment will be focused upon the elderly, ages 65 and up.

Number of subjects per group

Each group will consist of 10 subjects.

Subject Selection

Subjects aged 65 and older.
Subjects must have the average protein levels evident in most humans.
Subjects can be of any gender either male or female.
Subjects can have any body type and dietary habits.
Subjects can be any ethnicity.

Subjects will be randomly placed into groups, creating the same number of male and female in each.

The experiment contains an unbiased sample of elderly adults with average protein levels so that the only dependent variable is the Inflammotin.

Sources of Error and Bias

The effects of lipopolysacchride may be different between male and female therefore combining them into the same groups could affect the data.
Proposed Solution: If the affects of lipopolysacchride were proven to affect male and females differently, then they must be divided into gender specific groups.

Due to the allowance of numerous body types, the dietary habits of subjects could affect the way lipopolysacchride changes protein levels.
Proposed Solution: Prior and throughout the experiment subjects will be provided a diet and exercise plan.

Due to a different medical history between subjects, lipopolysacchride may affect the individuals at different levels.
Proposed Solution: Subjects in the experiment must provide complete medical history prior to participation. Any abnormalities in medical history could create a discrepancy in the experiment.