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Name: Elizabeth Hansen
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Independent and Dependent Variables

The independent variable in this experiment is the dosage of lipopolysaccharide, measured in mg. The dependent variable of the experiment is the inflammatory protein (Inflammotin) in the blood.

Experimental Design


This experiment will contain five different groups: one control where they receive no pills, three groups that receive pills with three different doses respectively (5, 8 and 10 in mg) and a placebo group, which will receive a sugar pill.

Subjects will be within the age range of 65-80 years.

Number of subjects per group
There will be ten subjects per group.

Subject Selection

This selection will include those within the age range of 65-80 years and of various gender and race. Lipopolysaccharide is aimed for the older population. The age range was chosen to match the government's standard of elderly and the average lifespan of Americans today. The variation of gender and race is to ensure the results are as unbiased as possible.

Subjects must meet the qualifications of the test based off of survey analysis.

Sources of Error and Bias

Possible sources of error would include any pre-existing health conditions, taking any other medications that could alter the proteins in the blood, and any allergies to certain categories of medication. These various conditions would be controlled by reviewing the survey prior to selection for trial. Those that do not meet requirements will not be selected for the experiment.

Another possible error may include the placebo effect. It is possible that the placebo could give the same results as the medication, which would put its effectiveness into question. This would be able to be monitored throughout the experiment because of the placebo group.