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Name: Matthew Gerveler
Name: Kevin Virgen
Name: Catherine Scarborough
Name: Dirk Marshall
Name: Rachel Baca


Descriptive Statistics

Experiment 1
0mg: 3.834
5mg: 8.932
10mg: 61.622
15mg: 657.941

Standard Deviation:
0mg: 1.523010177
5mg: 1.593931547
10mg: 30.11069386
15mg: 212.9429762

0mg: 10
5mg: 10
10mg: 10
15mg: 10

Standard Error:
0mg: 0.481618106
5mg: 0.504045412
10mg: 9.521837451
15mg: 67.33848166

Experiment 2
0mg: 10.516
10mg: 11.112

Standard Deviation:
0mg: 2.225551617
10mg: 7.402885924

0mg: 5
10mg: 5

Standard Error:
0mg: 0.995296941
10mg: 3.310671231


Experiment 1

Analysis of Variance (One-Way)

Groups Sample size Sum Mean Variance
LPS Dose 40 300. 7.5 32.05128
Inflammotin (pg/ml) 40 7,323.29 183.08225 88,290.32619

Source of Variation SS df MS F p-level F crit
Between Groups 616,582.5303 1 616,582.5303 13.96209 0.00035 3.96347
Within Groups 3,444,572.7215 78 44,161.18874

Total 4,061,155.2518 79

Post - Hoc T-Test Corrected P- Value To Achieve Sig Significant?
0mg vs 5mg 8.59631E-07 0.0083 YES
0mg vs 10mg 9.94377E-06 0.0083 YES
0mg vs 15mg 1.39436E-08 0.0083 YES
5mg vs 10mg 3.01859E-05 0.0083 YES
5mg vs 15mg 1.57101E-08 0.0083 YES
10mg vs 15mg 6.4824E-08 0.0083 YES

Anova was used because four groups were compared (more than two)

Experiment 2
Rat T - Test = 0.867403497
not significant
T-Test was used because only two groups were being compared


Experiment 1

Based on the fact that the Anova test resulted in a p-value less than .05 (actual value=.00035), we determined that there was a statistical significance of the data in the human groups. Using the Bonferoni test and the corrected p-values compared to the T-test, we found that our data was less than .0083, meaning they were all significant.

Experiment 2

Based on our T-test value of .87, we found that there was no significance because the data was greater than .05.


Based on the ANOVA test for the human subjects it was determined that the data was statistically significant, while the high p-value determined by the t-test for the rat subjects showed that the statistical information for this set of subjects was insignificant. After performing a Bonferroni correction for all the human sample groups, it was determined that all the differences in dosages of the drug were statistically significant. Based on this information, it can be concluded that taking five to fifteen milligrams of the drug affects the Inflammotin levels in the elderly human population.