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Name: Ben Lenschow
Name: Joseph Roskop
Name: Lorelei Fyfe
Name: Ana Kenia Viera
Name: Adnan Alsharif


Independent and Dependent Variables

The independent variable is the milligrams of inflammation inducing agent, lipopolysaccharide, and the dependent variable is the amount of the inflammatory protein, inflammotin, produced in the elderly. The lipopolysaccharide would be the independent because it is the drug being administered to the subjects and thusly the input variable, and the amount of inflammotin produced is the dependent because it is what is directly affected by the drug administered and it is what we will measure.

Experimental Design


We will have three different groups in our experiment with one control group and two treatment groups. One of the treatments groups will receive 5 mg of the inflammation inducing agent and the other will receive 10 mg of the agent. The control group will receive 0 mg of agent. We chose 0 mg to use as a control to see the basis level of the inflammotin in the elderly. 10 mg was also selected as it was a guide predetermined and finally we chose 5 mg as the experiment called for the lowest dosage to produce maximum results.


Since the desired age group is listed as elderly, we will be using people between the ages of 65 and 75.

Number of subjects per group

We will have 10 subjects in each group for a total of 30 subjects in the study.

Subject Selection

We decided we would go to local hospitals and ask doctors for referrals of their patients for our experiment that were in decent health. We would keep going to hospitals and doctors until we would have the total of 30 subjects. If we couldn't find enough qualified subjects we could go to nursing and elderly homes and ask for subjects in average health. We would then assign each subject a number and randomly place them in one of the three groups. We are trying to include patients who are of good health meaning we will exclude those patients who are bed ridden or are otherwise unfit for the study.

Sources of Error and Bias

Possible sources of error include possible uptake of the drug as elderly people sometimes have digestive problems. Also exercise and diet can be sources of errors on how the pill is absorbed, how it goes through their systems or if the increase of inflammotin is from other sources besides the drug. If the subjects are already on other drugs or anti-inflammatory medication. The current health of the subject can be sources of error. We can combat the digestive problems by make the drug administered intravenously so as to avoid digestive issues. We could control the the diets of the subjects during the testing period and require subjects to be of moderate physical health. We would make sure the subjects are not on any medications that would directly conflict with our results or affect the results of the experiments(e.g. anti-inflammatory drugs).