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Name: Nicole Phillips
Name: Francis Taguinod
Name: Christiana Montoi-Reeve
Name: Augusta Dumanski
Name: Christian Kaiser


Descriptive Statistics

Rat Study
In the rat study, the average amount of Inflammotin was 10.516 pg/ml without any LPS and when 10 mg was administered the amount Inflammotin increased to 11.11. The standard deviation in these values were respectively 2.2256 and 7.403. The standard error was repsectively 0.9953 and 3.3107.

Human Study

LPS dose Inflammotin (pg/ml) St.Dv. St.Err. Age
0 3.834 1.52301018 0.48161811 66.7
5 8.932 1.59393155 0.50404541 68.1
10 61.622 30.1106939 9.52183745 68
15 657.941 212.942976 67.3384817 67.9


Rat Study
The rat study was found to be insignifcant because the T-test value was 0.36556583 which is greater than the standard 0.05 p value.

Human Study
The human study was shown to be significant because its ANOVA value and subsequent T-test values is less than the standard 0.05 p value.

Comparison T-test values Corrected P-Value Significant?
0mg to 5mg 8.59631E-07 0.00833333 Yes
0mg to 10mg 9.94377E-06 0.00833333 Yes
0mg to 15mg 1.39436E-08 0.00833333 Yes
5mg to 10mg 3.01859E-05 0.00833333 Yes
5mg to 15mg 1.57101E-05 0.00833333 Yes
10mg to 15mg 6.4824E-08 0.00833333 Yes


Rat Study
Due to the statistics the rat study found that adding more LPS would increase the Inflammotin levels of the subjects. However, it was not at a significant level.

Human Study
The statistics from the human study indicate that increasing the dosage also increases the Inflammotin level at a significant level. This means that the drug does in fact give the expected results. It increases most signicantly at 15mg. Further studies would need to be conducted in order to find the appropriate amount of LPS to give an appropriate level of Inflammotin response. However, currently the 15mg dosage seems to be the best option.


The drug does fulfill its intended purpose in increasing the amount of Inflammotin levels in the subjects. It is most notable in the human trial that the amount of Inflammotin increases with increased LPS dosage. However, the rat studies shows that the amount of Inflammotin levels were increasing at a oonstant rate for the amount of LPS applied. The human subjects showed similar results to the rat subjects with the added notice of the sudden jump in Inflammotin levels when the amount of LPS reached more than 10mg, as shown in our results.