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Name: Christiana Montoya-Reeve
Name: Francis Taguinod
Name: Nicole Phillips
Name: Augusta Dumanski
Name: Christian Kaiser


Independent and Dependent Variables

The independent variable is the dose of the drug LPS because it's the input variable that we are changing it. The dependent variable is the amount of inflammation becuase we are measuring the amount to determine the accuracy of our hypothesis.

Experimental Design

10 groups with a small increase of dosage per group. One group will be the control group which means there will be no medication adminstered to that group.

60 years of age to 80 years of age

Number of subjects per group

10 people per group

Subject Selection

We would select our subjects that meet specific health requirements. We would make sure that each subject would meet these requirments by giving each individual a physical. By saying specific health requiremtns our team means that there can be no exisiting diseases or conditions that would interfere with the experiment or that could potentially be worsen by the drug. Subjects that are currently taking any kind of medication that would interact with LPS. Within the pool of people that meet our specific health requirments, our subjects will be randomly chosen by different ages within our age group, gender, socioeconomic status, race, culture, and body type.

Sources of Error and Bias

Multiple sources of error influde the following: if any of the subjects were to develop any kind of infection during the trial, skewed data due to human error when recording data, technical difficulties/malfunctions,human bias in the selection process of subjects, reporting false data for recognition, the sabotage of the experiment from an outside party, or regional allergens due to different environments.