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Name: Jacqueline B. Stokes
Name: Anthony Zlaket
Name: Sara E. Jerez
Name: RJ Parkinson
Name: Austin Lee Doyle


Independent and Dependent Variables

Independent Variable: Dosage Dependent Variable: Amount of Inflammotin present in subject's blood over a 3 month period.

Experimental Design

A control group (consisting of a placebo pill) and eight experimental groups (4mg, 5mg, 6mg, 7mg, 8mg, 9mg, 10mg, 11mg). Each group will contain 30 people. This will cover a period of 3 months. Throughout the trials, every two weeks blood samples are taken from the patients to measure protein levels. Due to the various dosages, we will use the ANOVA method to determine the statistically significant difference in protein levels in blood samples.

Ages 65-75 years

Number of subjects per group
Each group will contain 30 people.

Subject Selection

An unstratified random sample of willing elderly patients from the ages of 65-75 years with inflammation in multiple hospitals within the valley limits. Each subject will be randomly assigned to a group, with no predetermined placing.

Sources of Error and Bias

Adverse reaction to the drug; we could monitor the patients for these reactions, and if so, remove them from the sample. Interactions of other medications; we could record the other medications each patient is on and observe any trends among the commonly used drugs to see if they have any effect on the drug. The patients may pass before the trial period ends; this cannot be controlled but they must be removed from the sample.