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Name: Ashley Woodward
Name: Akihiko Ishihara
Name: Matthew Devera
Name: Diljot Nagra
Name: Fields Soumis Hyrkas


Independent and Dependent Variables

Independent: pill dosage because the dosage is the only thing that we can control
Dependent: protein levels because its something we cannot control and happens on its own

Experimental Design

0 mg: controlled group to compare with active drug groups
2 mg
4 mg
6 mg
8 mg
10 mg: we know the experiments work at 10 so we chose to stop here

We chose to go in increments of 2 because the medication works at 10 mg and we are trying to find the lowest dosage that will be cost effecient

60-70: we chose an age range of the elderly because people at different ages have higher changes in protein levels

Number of subjects per group
20: 10 males and 10 females because having too many people per group would not be cost effecient

Subject Selection

We chose not to randomize the groups because if we randomized we would have less control and we need more people for each group

Health: healthy people who don't have major health issues
Exercise: excercise for at least an hour a day
Eat healthy: do not eat high levels of protein (less than 50 g), low fat intake, low sodium intake
Sleep well: 8 or more hours of sleep a night
Weight: body mass index to be 19-24, which is normal weight
Gender: male and female, 10 females and males in each group to see the difference between genders while taking the inflammatory drug
Age: 60-70, because their target is elders
Race: caucasion, to control the experiment more

Sources of Error and Bias

If one of the group members is allergic to the medication: check for specific allergies
If they already have a high levels of the protein already: check for protein levels
Taking the medication incorrectly: explain when to take the medication
Not taking with medication that will counteract: ask what medications they are on