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Name: Keerthana Murali
Name: Stephanie Diiullo
Name: Melissa Thomas
Name: Supreet Kaur
Name: Mohammed Alhusayni


Independent and Dependent Variables

The independent variable is the dosage of LPS (lipopolysaccharide). It is the independent variable because that is the variable that we are changing.

The dependent variable is inflammation. It is the dependent variable because that is what we are measuring and it will change depending on the independent variable.

Experimental Design

We will select five groups. One group will receive a placebo pills of 0 mg of LPS. and will be the control group. The second group will receive 5 mg pills of LPS. The third group will receive 10 mg pills of LPS. The fourth group will be 2.5 mg pills of LPS. The fifth group will be 7.5 mg pills of LPS. We choose five groups because we have little money so we are not able to have additional groups but this will give us enough groups to accurately test the hypothesis. The groups will be made up of 10 subjects each. Each group will have a random sample of subjects between the ages of 65 to 85. Each group will have 5 female and 5 male in each group.


There are five groups. The first group will receive no pills. The second group will receive 5 mg pills of LPS. The third group will receive 10 mg pills of LPS.. The fourth group will receive 2.5 mg pills of LPS. The fifth group will receive 7.5 mg pills of LPS.


The ages of the subjects will be a random selection between 65 and 85. We determined that this would be an adequate range of ages for "elderly".

Number of subjects per group

There will be 10 subjects per group. We chose 10 in the group because it needs to be a large enough sample.

Subject Selection

We will select subjects who are between the ages of 65 and 85 and subjects that are willing and able participants. We will not use a phone book to find subjects because that will introduce bias of people that don't have landlines. We will find subjects that are of the correct age and live within a 50 mile radius of the facility where the research will be completed. We will use a database and randomly choose the subjects. We will ensure that there are equal amounts of male and female. The subjects will be informed of the experiment but will not be informed as to what group they are placed in. This would avoid the bias because the subjects will not know what dosage they are receiving.

Sources of Error and Bias

A source of error could be computer or calculation error. We will calculate the results on more than one computer to ensure that the calculations are accurate. A second source of error would be human error of measuring the correct amount of dosage. We have a primary person measure the correct dosage, then have a second person verify all measurements. A third source of error/bias would be the researchers wanting to have a certain result. We would ensure that all data was reported and nothing was thrown out or fabricated.