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Name: Arianna Moreno
Name: Jared T. Smith
Name: Almoustafa Abbas
Name: Pritish Venke Char
Name: Chris Joseph S. Ibarra


Descriptive Statistics

Experiment 1

Experiment 2


Experiment 1

Experiment 2


Experiment 1
From the statistical data in Humans, it can be seen that the Inflammotin achieved significance. We calculated the corrected P-Value as approximately 0.0083333 and compared that value to the T-Test of each comparison to see significant difference in the values. Because the T-test value for each comparison was less than the P-Value, the collected data can be seen to be accurate.

Experiment 2
From the statistical data in Rats, it can be seen that the Inflammotin did not achieve significance. We conducted a T-Test using the given data and compare it to the expected P-Value of 0.05 and determined that out value is greater than that of the expected value. Therefore, there is no significant difference on the rats.


We can conclude that the Inflammotin affected the humans but not the rats, in a significant way. The t-test values of each test in the humans were significantly less than the correced p-value which makes the data accurate. However, the data in the t-test from the rats was greater than the expected 0.05 p-value at .83 inaccuracy which makes the data insignificant.