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Name: Arianna Moreno
Name: Jared T. Smith
Name: Pritish Venke Char
Name: Chris Joseph Ibarra
Name: Almoustafa Abbas


Independent and Dependent Variables

The independent variable is: Lipopolyssccharide

    LPS is not affected by the changes of inflammotin. 

The dependent variable is: Inflammotin

    Infalmmotin is affected by the changes in the independent variable(LPS).

Experimental Design

We will have six groups.

   The groups will recieve dosages ranging from 0-10mg in increments of 2mg.
      We believe that increasing increments of 2 will give a good spread of accurate results while also keeping the budget low.

Age of subjects ranging from 60-80 years old.

Number of subjects per group
We will have ten people per group.

Subject Selection

We will have 5 men and 5 women in each group to make sure that gender does not interfere with our results. To ensure randomization, we will randomly pick 10 applicants and place then in each of the 6 groups, still in recognition of the gender limit. Applicants must be self-supporting (i.e. not in a wheelchair, bed ridden, or relying on a nurse). We need to make sure that they are in a decently healthy state before testing because their other conditions could affect the result. Subjects must not have an allergy to the medication substances. The subjects cannot be on any other inflammation medicine that could hinder the results of our experiment.

Sources of Error and Bias

Error or Bias: Not enough groups/increments of change. Other medications could have a possible affect on the results that we were unaware of. Inaccuracy of timing

- Blood was not drawn during a certain time frame; more specifically, the time when the LPS was in full effect.
- Not taking the medication at the specific given time or even missing a dosage.


We chose 0mg as the starting point because it will be the negative control since we know that no change will be seen.
We end with 10mg because it has already been tested and yielded a positive result, making it our positive control group.