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Name: Ryan Hess
Name: Jossel Disengi Nkunzi
Name: Joseph Sidman
Name: Angie Chan
Name: Alireza Momeni


Independent and Dependent Variables

Independent Variable: dosage of lipopolysaccharide (inflammation inducing agent)

-Two seperate pills, one 4mg dose and one 7mg dose. The third group is 0mg, which is the control group.

-Rationale: The 10 mg dose is known to increase the protein, so two pills that have lower doses will be used instead to find out the least amount of dose needed to increase levels of Inflammotin.

Dependent Variable: increase/change in discovered inflammatory protein in elderly (Inflammotin)

-The change in Inflammotin will be measured by using the ELISA test.

-Rationale: The increase in Inflammotin is the variable that is being tested for.

Experimental Design


3 groups - control group receives a placebo, 2nd group receives a 7mg dose, 3rd group receives a 4mg dose.

These increments were chosen because 10mg doses have previously proven to be effective, so to find the minimum effective dose, doses slightly smaller than 10mg were used.


Number of subjects per group


Subject Selection

There will be 30 people divided into three groups, with 10 people in each group. This number ensures a good-sized sample to result in consistent data.

The age range is 60 to 80 years old, which is what will be defined as "elderly" in this experiment. Anyone younger or older will exceed this twenty year bracket and may not contribute to the data accurately. Another requirement is that subjects must have no substantial health issues or defects. This will control any variables (diseases or conditions) that could potentially affect levels of Inflammotin.

The subjects will be 50% male and 50% female in order to ensure that sex is not a factor. If it is, we can compare the data between sexes to analyze any differing results.

In order to increase randomization, the experiment will not profile people who already qualify for the requirements.

The control will be the subject group given the placebo pill that contains 0 mg of lipopolysaccharide.

Sources of Error and Bias

Source of error 1: Subjects could possibly have unknown, pre-existing inflammatory disorders that skew data control 1: Subjects will be blood tested to measure inflammotin levels before taking the medication so that we can accurately measure the change in inflammotin levels.

source of error 2: Different diets could lead to differences in effectiveness among members of the same group (i.e. stomach pH could vary, which then affects digestion of the drug) control 2: all subjects are given the same diet for 24 hours before the medication is administered.

source of error 3: differences in bodyweight could result in changes in medication effectiveness between groups control 3: group participants so that total bodyweight of groups is consistent.