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Name: Amy Cumiford
Name: Logan Oizumi
Name: Ray Regorgo
Name: Jason Buis


Health Care Issue

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is an unknown phenomenon that occurs in infants under one year old. Although no baby monitor can claim the cure for this, it most certainly can prevent it. Suspected causes of SIDS most often stem from a baby’s sleeping conditions. The position of a baby while sleeping is crucial in ensuring easy breathing. A baby that sleeps on their stomach or on the side will have a harder time breathing ("Mayo Clinic SIDS" 2017). The monitor's goal would be to provide the upmost comfort for the child to ensure proper sleeping conditions to prevent causes of SIDS. For example, the monitor would be able to detect what position the child is sleeping in, if they were in a position that would make breathing difficult, it will alert the parents to adjust the child accordingly. Overheating is also a cause for SIDS, with this monitor, the proper temperature could be maintained or notify the parents whether the child is too warm ("Mayo Clinic SIDS" 2017). In addition, the device would be able to analyze the child's vital signs and detect any abnormalities in their heart rate, blood pressure, or breathing patterns, all factors that should be looked at closely especially for premature babies ("Don't Count on..." 2014). There is no guarantee that this device is a cure for SIDS, but it can guarantee a child's comfort which is important for their health.


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Customer Validation


-“Treasure Valley Maternity and Infant Care Buy/Sell/Trade/Give” Facebook group. 
    (consists of pregnant women or new moms looking to buy, sell, trade, or give maternity or postpartum items)

    (run by a baby nurse in New York City, looking to give advice to and facilitate communication between new parents)

-”Newborn Care Training Academy” Facebook group.
   (consists of students in the Newborn Care Training Academy who use the page to discuss newborn care questions and issues)

-”Newborn Care Specialists” Facebook group. 
   (consists of newborn care professionals discussing industry issues)

-”Newborn Care by Doctors” Facebook group. 
    (run by a doctor who is looking to give advice to newborn parents)

-”NM705 - Midwifery Care of PP Women & Newborns - Summer 2017 - Study Group” Facebook group. 
    (consists of students discussing questions about infant care)

-”DMV Newborn Care Specialists/Parents Network” Facebook group. 
    (consists of doctors and newborn parents who discuss questions about the care of newborns)

Local Pediatricians:

-East Valley Children’s Center 3200 S George Dr, Tempe, AZ 85282 (480) 839-9097

    Curran David M MD
    3200 S George Dr, Tempe, AZ 85282
    (480) 839-9097

-All About Kids Pediatrics 7517 S McClintock Dr #103, Tempe, AZ 85283 (480) 820-3188

    Dr. Albert M. Schwartz, MD
    6301 S McClintock Dr, Tempe, AZ 85283
    (480) 831-2375

-Dr. Nicolas A. Gonzalez, MD 2600 E Southern Ave, Tempe, AZ 85282

(480) 699-7248

-Happy Kids Pediatrics p.c. 2033 E Warner Rd, Tempe, AZ 85284

(480) 820-5525
    Garelick Ivia Itsa MD
    2033 E Warner Rd #109, Tempe, AZ 85284
    (480) 820-5525

-Mesa Pediatrics Professional Association 6301 S McClintock Dr #101, Tempe, AZ 85283

(480) 831-6800

-Nelson Pediatric Therapy 1930 E Southern Ave, Tempe, AZ 85282

(480) 456-0719

-Pleasant Pediatrics 9744 W Northern Ave #1310, Peoria, AZ 85345

(623) 776-7500

-MomDoc Women for Women 1634 S Priest Dr #101, Tempe, AZ 85281

(480) 917-6480

Local Midwives:

-Tempe Home Birth Midwife 2743 N Saratoga St, Tempe, AZ 85281

(602) 643-9433

-Anne M. Palzer, ND, CPM 1220 N Spencer, Mesa, AZ 85203

(602) 326-7001

-The Birth Nest at Catlin Court 5622 W Palmaire Ave, Glendale, AZ 85301

(623) 748-7655

-Baby Avocado Midwifery Services 11 W Erie Dr, Tempe, AZ 85282

(520) 409-2851

-Moxie Midwifery 8400 S Kyrene Rd #120, Tempe, AZ 85224


Safe to Sleep and Breathing Baby Monitor

Product Description
Safe to Sleep and Breathing Baby Monitor is a baby sleeping pad with a built in sensors to detects a baby's breathing pattern. The mat comes with access to an app that sends alerts of the baby's breathing status. The app also features SleepLog, that records the hours of sleep on the mat.
-Powered by fiber optics, with no electrical discharges or electromagnetic radiation[1]
-Products has no external wires for a risk of strangulation[2]
-Uses Breath Optics™ a clinically validated by hospitals[3]
-App is available for monitoring[4]
-Bluetooth range is only 100 feet and can be greatly reduced if the house is constructed with concrete or materials of the same type that could obscure the connection[5]
-If a household uses more than one mat, the device can only connect to one phone at a time, both mats cannot be connected at the same time[6]
-The monitor sets off an alarm on and off throughout the night when the baby is sleeping, cannot distinguish from normal abnormalities to real threats[7]
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Mimo Smart Baby Breathing & Activity Monitor

Product Description
Mimo Smart Baby Breathing and Activity Monitor is a kimonos with a detachable turtle design sensor to detect breathing, body position, skin temperature, and awake status. The sensor is connected to an app for real time update on these features.
-Alarm/vibration wakes child immediately when a child stops breathing[8]
-Email alerts[9]
-App is available for monitoring[10]

-Difficult to set up because product not compatible with a variety of wifi setups[11]
-The Turtle design is too bulky[12]
-Monitoring systems of vitals lags 20-60 seconds behind[13]
-The Lily pad makes a low frequency noises randomly[14]
Mimo Smart Baby Breathing, Amazon Reviews
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Owlet Baby Care Smart Sock 2

Product Description
The Owlet Babt Care Smart Sock 2 is a baby sock that tracks the wearer's heart rate and oxygen levels. The sensor is sent to an app for a real time feed of the features.
-Detects baby's heart rate and oxygen level, while sleeping[15]
-Sensor can be moved into different size socks[16]
-Overpriced for $300[17]
-Movement causes inaccuracy readings[18]
-Only two readings on app, "Normal" and "Emergency"[19]
-Sock sensor can not be turned off[20]
-Short distance range for sock sensor and base transmitter[21]
-App does not tell number readings[22]
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Amazon,Owlet Baby Monitor - Infant Heart Rate and Oxygen Monitor,

IP Position

The first patent that we found used fiber optic cables to detect the movement of a baby while it is on the pad. this works by a layer of fiber optic cables that run across the pad. When the baby lays on the pad the fiber optic cables bend, this bend causes a change in the amount of light that is let through them. At one end of the cable there is a photodiode that measures the amount of light. through the changes in light passed across the cables a computer is able to tell when the baby is moving.

A second patent that we found uses a two mesh sheets that have opposing conductive paths that create a grid layout. At each intersection on this grid is a pressure sensor that is able to detect movement. There is a controller that is attached to the pad that is able to create a near real time pressure map of the pad so it is able to detect movement across the pad.

A third patent we found has a technology to detect weather or not a child is on the pad. It does this by having pressure sensors placed strategically inside the pad that are able to detect the presence of a child. There is a controller that is able to change alarm modes and read the output of the sensors inside the pad. The controller also continuously monitors the status of the infant care device.

Fundability Worksheet Scores

Competitors 2
The competitors score is 2 because of the prominent variety of products that range from sensory sleeping mat to clothing, however the market is still developing as there is desired for clinical improvements on the sensors used. The placement of the sensor and type also adds variety to the types of products showing the range of the products made.

Customer Validation 2

There is a high demand of concerned parents who want a product that can ensure their child's well being

IP Position 3

Many products with the same concept have been approved and granted patents.