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Name: Joey Green
Name: Julian Klein
Name: Nathan Atwood
Name: Beerjas Bath
Name: Kenny Le


In the United States today, approximately thirty million people have diabetes, a number that has grown by three million people in the past 7 years, and will continue to grow in the future. Being diagnosed with diabetes comes with several potential health complications, including vision loss, kidney failure, heart disease, amputation of toes, feet, or legs, stroke, and premature death ("Diabetes Latest", 2014). Twelve million of these diagnosed diabetic patients are elderly, making it increasingly hard for them to attend out-of-home doctors appointments and checkups ("Statistics About Diabetes"). In general, no one really enjoys going to the doctor for a check up, as necessary as it is, and doctors appointments are often costly no matter the length of time, procedure, or treatment a patient is in for. After adjusting for population age and sex differences, average medical expenditures among people with diagnosed diabetes were 2.3 times higher than what expenditures would be in the absence of diabetes ("Statistics About Diabetes"). Building off of the current blood sugar check that many diabetics give themselves, creating a machine that would test everything doctors look for in diabetics when they go in for check-ups, including blood pressure, weight, calluses, infections, sores, or peripheral neuropathy of the feet, eye exams, and more, would not only allow the elderly the comfort and convenience of a personal in-home check up, but would also prevent many others from having to go to the doctor's office in the first place ("Diabetes - tests and checkups").

Customer Validation

20 Customers ("Type 2 diabetes", 2017) ("Your Health Care Team")

1. CVS Pharmacy- Sell product at retail price

2. Walgreens- Sell product at retail price

3. Middle age diabetic men/women

4. Elderly diabetic women/men

5. Adolescent/Preteen male/female

6. St. Joseph’s Hospital (Phoenix)

7. St. Luke’s Hospital (Tempe)

8. Certified Diabetes Educator- (Dignity Health Medical Group)

9. Podiatrist- (Dr. Jess P. Price) Office Number - (480) 292-9604

10. Ophthalmologist- (Dr. Kilpatrick Dennis) Office Number - (480) 994-1872

11. Endocrinologist-(Dr. Krishna M. Pinnamaneni) Office Number - (480) 838-7519

12. Pediatrician- (Dr. John D. Holmes) Office Number - (480) 900-6957

13. Family Medicine Doctor- (Dr. Elissa B. Gartenberg) Office Number - (602) 363-1631

14. Internal Medicine Doctor- (Dr. Stanford S. Ho) Office Number - (480) 965-3346

15. Nurse Practitioner

16. Physicians Assistants

17. American Diabetes Association

18. In-home nurses for elderly

19. Exercise Psychologist- (Arizona Psychological Association) Office Number - (480) 675-9477

20. Mayo Clinic


Company Name'

+ Telcare developed the first FDA-cleared cellular blood glucose meter.

+ First to market gives it an advantage to the rest.

+ Easy to understand and simple to use.

+ Connects with health care providers

- Dimensional product as it is not a full testing kit, just app that records data put in my a user.

- Product does not provide any innovation, it just gives people with diabetes an alternative glucose monitoring service.

Unmet Needs

  • The unmet needs of the product includes usefulness. Why would someone with diabetes want to pay for a device that performs the same monitoring service as their current device?

Why Ours is More Marketable
>Our product is a full testing kit, which tests for everything that would be done by a medical professional for a person with diabetes. This way it is an extension to the at-home services people with diabetes can use for testing.

Company Name'

+ With the app you are able to view your real-time glucose data and trends on your phone and share the info with doctors and family

- Dexcom only allows for up to 5 people to remotely monitor your glucose data and trends on a separate app. Some people have multiple providers and family members that they want to share the data with.

Unmet Needs

  • The unmet needs of the product include technology. Again like Telcare it is providing a solution for a problem that already has multiple apps out there that do the same thing and provide no extra services.

Why Ours is More Marketable
>Our product again offers not only glucose monitoring services, but also a variety of at home testing to provide the users with the most accurate data about their health that can be sent to providers.

IP Position

Number/Assignee Title Summary Image Filing Date/Status
US20050038329A1 Methods and Kits for Assays of Rapid Screening of Diabetes The Kit includes a glucose-sensing ophthalmic device, two or more tear-collecting devices, and a testing agent composition which forms with glucose to provide a detectable sign. It involves two glucose concentration tests. The first is determined in an ocular fluid by administering orally a load of carbohydrates to the patient. The second test is the same process, only 50 minutes after the first test. The two glucose concentration levels are then compared to determine if the patient is diabetic. N/A 2003-11-12/Abandoned
Number/Assignee Title Summary Image Filing Date/Status
US7156808B2 Method and Apparatus for Health and Disease Management Combining Patient Data Monitoring with Wireless Internet Connectivity A wireless or wired monitoring device that uses wireless or wired to connect to a medical device to help give out medical data to doctors that monitors patients on a daily basis. It includes using protocol of Bluetooth. N/A 2005-07-18/Active

Fundability Worksheet Scores


2 - We are mainly going against that one group; however, even then we have other aspects that beat that group.

Customer Validation


IP Position

3- The setup we have should not infringe on anyone’s patents. We are working on putting together an entire kit for it.