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Name: Cole Alvarez
Name: Kylie Mercer
Name: Nathan Moorman
Name: Kasandra Sanchez
Name: Lauren Seliger


Health Care Issue

A wireless heating and cooling pad with a bluetooth feature and app available in the Google Play and Apple Store. Physicians can prescribe these devices to patients as a means of physical therapy and injury prevention. The wireless feature of the device allows it to be portable, so the time and place of the patient using it is much more flexible. Athletes can prevent and/or treat sports injuries on the field without having to worry about a port to plug into. Customers with joint issues such as arthritis can take the device to the office or work. The app connected to the device would also allow patients to be in contact with their physician if they need to discuss changes of the settings and prescribed course of treatment, and to provide a confidential connection between physicians and patients to provide a direct link of communication without exchanging personal contact information. This reduces the need for patients to make and drive to appointments. There is also a log feature for patients to describe the intensity of their pain on a daily basis to keep a daily log for before and after treatment.

Customer Validation

1. ASU athletic training staff

2. GCU athletic training staff

3. UA athletic training staff

4. CC athletic training staff

5. NAU athletic training staff

6. Desert Hand Therapy

7. South Mountain physical therapy

8. Rehab Plus Phoenix

9. Camelback Sports therapy

10. Spooner Physical Therapy

11. T.O.P.S Physical Therapy

12. Endurance Rehabilitation

13. Back in Action Physical Therapy

14. 360 Physical Therapy

15. The Orthopedic Surgery Center of Arizona

16. STI Physical Therapy & Rehab

17. Foothills Sports Medicine Physical Therapy

18. Phoenix Shoulder and Knee-Dr. Adam Farber MD

19. Arizona Orthopaedic Associates

20. TOCA (The Orthopedic Clinic Association)



Essentially it is a portable product that can be carried anywhere without the necessity to connect, or install to anything.

This product contains a wireless feature that allows the physician to  program this device based on the treatment necessary for the patient.

The app in this device allows for immediate contact between patients and physicians.

Concept of fluctuating temperature levels throughout sessions, created by physicians for the patients, rather than strict interfaces of button to specific temperature, although this is available on the device

Deep tissue therapy targeting specific muscle groups allowing lessened joint stiffness, reduced pain or the increased circulation of blood flow.

Thermal Therapy Devices exist both at the Industrial and commercial level already. With prices varying close to 2500 for industrial use by physical therapists at clinics and within 500 for at home use. As well as people who suffer from skin conditions or who have thermal sensativity may not be able to use the product due to their sensitivity because of the possibility of not being aware of burning themselves or cooling at an uncomfortable rate due to the application.


This device has practical uses for a variety of patients ranging from professional athletes who tear their ACL to someone who twists their ankle.

Being portable allows patients to return to their normal lives quicker because they aren't stuck bedridden.

Different treatment options between heating and cooling maximize the effect of the treatment session.

Are able to receive instant treatment options from doctor/physician along with pre programmed treatments.

Can be rented from the hospital or physician or be bought for home use.

IP Position

Handheld thermal therapy device US 7160315 B2- Portable thermal therapy machine, however short range of temperatures not offering cooling

Heating and Cooling technologies WO 2016077843 A1 - nonportable heating and cooling device composed of one low voltage heating and cooling source.

Cooling/heating Pad and System US 6197045 B1 a heating pad that includes a thermal exchange layer allowing the pad to release/absorb heat.

Heating/Cooling Glove US 20030109910 A1 - heating/cooling glove that reduces pain and swelling and has an increasing range of motion.

Thermal Pad for Portable Body heating/cooling US 5486207 A - portable thermal pad that includes a reservoir for hot/cold fluids. It supplies return tubes for connecting the reservoir with the pad.

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Customer Validation

IP Position