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Name: Devika Dileep
Name: Benjamin Pitts
Name: MJ Othman
Name: Stone Xia
Name: Frida Kaellgren
Name: Naomi Hurtado


Health Care Issue

Over the past decade, the number of complaints for back pain has been on the rise (Webmd, 2017). An average person sits for about 8 hours a day from activities such as watching TV, working at a desk job, or driving (Just Stand, ?). In addition, only 20% of Americans hit the daily recommended amount of exercise, which means that most people have weak abdominal muscles to support their upper body (CDC, 2016). Americans are putting more pressure on their backs than they can withstand and, as a result, sprain or injury their lower backs. According to the University of North Carolina’s School of Medicine, around 80% of Americans will experience back pain some time during their life (UNC, 2009).

Our product is a tape that is applied to the lower back. We infused the idea of the kinesio tape that athletes use with a heated pad.The tape slightly lifts the skin to increasing blood flow, thereby increasing healing speed. In addition, it also gives off heat which provides relief and reduces swelling/inflammation within the area.

DerSarkissian, Carol. “Understanding Back Pain” WebMD, 22 July 2017 update.

“The Facts: Sit-Stand Basics.” Just Stand.

“National Center for Health Statistics.” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 20 Jan. 2017.

Carey and Freburger . “Chronic low back pain on the rise: UNC study finds 'alarming increase' in prevalence.” UNC School of Medicine, 9 Feb. 2009 update.

Customer Validation


1.Desk job workers

2.Senior citizens



5.Women in labor

6.People with back injury/chronic injury

This product is appealing to patients because it is a cheap and simple alternative for solving back pain. There is also a good market for it because back pain is a common problem.


7.Thomas Albert, physiotherapist at ASU

8.Chelsea Lohman, expert in kinesiology at ASU

9.Caren Godinez, Assistant Athletic Trainer

Since the product is most likely going to be sold directly to the patients from pharmacy stores, physicians will most likely not support it because they do not profit from the sales. They will lose profit from doctor visits and drug prescriptions.


10.ASU Athletic Medical Team

11.ASU Medical Team

12.Mayo Clinic

13.Sport Clinic – Arizona, Tempe

Similar to the physicians, hospitals will not profit from this over the counter product. They will lose profit from hospital visits.



15.Safeway Pharmacies


17.Phoenix Medical Group


19.CVS Pharmacy


Purchasers will support this product because they are the primary vendors. Since back pain is a major issue, it should generate significant revenue.


Current Solutions Advantages Disadvantages
Regular Kinesio Tape Kinesio tape is already an available product to the public. It is easily purchased at a Walmart, pharmacy, and most super markets. It is a widely used by athletes and trainers to ease pain and accelerate the healing process. Kinesio tape is also a very inexpensive product. Does not give enough support to the back (lumbar support).
Posture Corrector Advantages include the availability to the public. It is also an item that can be purchased at most super markets. Some are made of cheap materials that cause the product to be inexpensive. These braces are also easy to use and do not require physicians to apply or monitor. Doesn't promote muscle growth. Does not fix posture permanently.
Heat Pad Helps circulation. Easy to use. Cheap and easily accessible. Potentially poisonous.

"What is the Kinesio Taping Method?" Kinesio Holding Corporation 2016.

"What is Kinesio Tape?" Kinesio Holding Corporation 2016.

Locke, Tim. "Kinesio Tape for Athletes: A Big Help, or Hype?" WebMD.

Kinesiology Tape

Posture Corrector

IP Position

US20100298747A1, Reed M. Quinn, File Date: 2009-11-25
Title: Body-Adhesive Kinesiology Tape
-Strips of kinesiology tape with two opposite ends that are placed on the human body. A backing material is placed on the strip to cover the adhesive till the user applies the tape. Kinesio tape is used to reduce pain in muscles and joints and accelerate the healing process by increasing blood flow.

US20100016771A1, Kevin Jardine & Ray Arbesman, File Date: 2008-02-07
Title: Precut Adhesive Body Support Articles and Support System

-This tape is precut to have a “central anchoring portion” with multiple fingers attached. The “central anchoring portion” is attached to a part of the body and the fingers are stretched a certain distance away from the anchoring portion. The tape includes visual indicators to assist the user in applying the tape. Once applied, the tape will serve as a support system or brace to the body part the tape has been applied.

US4756299A, Carl W. Podella, File Date: November 18, 1987
Title: Chemical heating pad with differing air-admitting perforation sets for different heat-generation levels

-The pad is contained inside an impermeable envelope. Once opened, the pad is exposed to oxygen which begins an exothermic reaction with the chemical mixture inside the pouch. This specific patent relates to the invention of an improved heating pad capable of a wide variety of heats that can be applied to the skin.

Fundability Worksheet Scores

Rating: 2
Currently, there is a strong market for kinesio tape between athletes and bodybuilders, and a smaller market for heat pads for pain relief. However, there is no product out right now that can achieve both effects at the same time. It is potentially a better product than both for back pain, so long as the price is not exorbitant compared to the kinesio tape, it should sell well in the market.

Customer Validation
Rating: 1
So far, there is not enough customer feedback to determine their interests in the product. While many people purchase kinesio tape to boost athletic performance, others are skeptical that kinesio tape actually works. In order for our product to sell well, we have to prove that it is actually good for back pain. Therefore, we need more clinical trials to determine whether or not the product works.

IP Position
Rating: 1
As of now, we have not filed a patent for our design. However, there is a patent for the kinesio tape and heating pad. In order for our product to be produced, we would need to get licensing for the kinesio tape technology and the heat pad technology.