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Name: Lindsay Lee
Name: Janai Crisostomo
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Health Care Issue

Disease and sickness in infants: heart defects, fever, hypothermia, hypoxia, hyperoxia, hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, etc../// We are developing a product to make parents more aware of the status of their baby's health. This product is a pacifier that monitors heart rate, body temperature, oxygen level and blood sugar levels through a mobile app. Through these diagnostics, parents and/or doctors will be able to identify potential diseases or defects.

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Known Solution
Owlet, Pacif-i

Owlet: monitors heart rate and oxygen levels in infants, connected to a mobile app, has an independent base station that awares parents of abnormal activity.
Pacif-i: monitors body temperature and medication, connects to a mobile app, has a location feature, multiple Pacif-i's can be connected to the application at once.

Neither products monitor blood sugar nor connects certain data to common infant illness. Our product combines the abilities of both of these products into one device that also expands upon these features.

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Customer Validation

Parents with infants and small children; especially parents with young children that have health issues.

Pediatricians, Neonatologists, Family Physicians

Pediatric centers and children's hospitals: Cardon Children's Hospital, Banner Children's Hospital, Phoenix Children's Hospital, etc...

Insurance companies willing to cover the cost of our product: Aetna, Humana, UnitedHealthOne, etc...

Abbott Laboratories, Johnson & Johnson, Stryker, etc...

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IP Position

Number/Assignee: WO1997020502A1

Title: Saliva Sampling Device

Image: No image available

Summary:A nipple shaped body that absorbs saliva which then can be used for medical testing.

Filing date/Status: 01/12/1995

Number/Assignee: CN2225038Y

Title:Dummy Clinical Thermometer


Summary:A nipple shaped clinical thermometer used for babies.

Filing date/Status: 09/30/1994

Number/Assignee: US5873892A

Title: Thermometric pacifier for infants


Summary: A pacifier that records an infants body temperature through their chin. if the infant has a fever the pacifier will change appearance indicating that the baby has a fever.

Filing date/Status: 09/08/1997

Number/Assignee: FR2694977A1

Title: Body temp. measuring procedure for new born baby- using electronic thermometer to measure and continuously monitor temp. of baby.

Image: No image available

Summary: This device used both a pacifier and bracelet to monitor an infants body temperature. The bracelet insures permanent monitoring as well as over night monitoring. both the pacifier and bracelet include an alarm that alerts parents when temperature is abnormal.

Filing date/Status: 10/15/1991

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Fundability Worksheet Scores

Summary: We gave ourselves a 2 for competitors because even though their are several other companies in this market, their are many improvements which can be made to existing products. Our product will improve upon those already in distribution in a way that will make it sought after by customers.

Customer Validation
Summary: We gave ourselves a 3 for customer validation because people are very willing to buy new products that will better monitor the health of their child. It will also improve upon existing products in a way that will make customers more interested in buying this product.

IP Position
Summary: We gave ourselves a 2 for IP Position because patents will not be difficult to acquire in with this product but no patents are in place currently.