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Introduction to Biomedical Engineering

Device Design Lab Learning Objectives: Four laboratory modules will incorporate “curiosity”, “connections”, and “value creation” in the first half of a freshmen-level Biomedical Engineering laboratory. Briefly, Lab 1 will focus on needs identification in a biomedical context, Lab 2 will focus on virtual prototyping of design, Lab 3 will include product validation, and Presentation 1 will focus on marketing. More specifically, Presentation 1 will include the development and delivery of an elevator pitch to their peers acting as venture capitalists. Top teams from the in-class competition will be selected to participate in an out-of-class “Shark Tank”-like competition called “Devil’s Den”. Participants of “Devil’s Den” will be evaluated by local entrepreneurs. The winning team of “Devil’s Den” will receive funds to create a functional prototype and mentorship in preparation for entering an entrepreneurial challenge such as Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative, ASU Startup Initiative, Innovation Challenge, etc.

DNA Lab Learning Objectives: Students should leave this unit equipped with a theoretical understanding of how to detect DNA biomarkers and the relevance of this technology to human healthcare. Emphasis will be on good lab/experimental controls and the collection of statistically valid measurements. Students will also understand how commonly used lab devices function, and explore the recent efforts to simplify experiments and to lower costs. At the end of the section, students will explore creative new biosensor designs based on PCR and fluorescent imaging.


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