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Name: Koop Bills
Name: Tyler Lent
Name: Maria Hanna
Name: Omar Maranon
Name: Israel Zaldivar


Health Care Issue


Pathology- Incontinence is a disability that can affect all age groups but one that primarily is a problem for approximately 50-84% of the elderly population. It is also worth noting that men are less likely to develop incontinence than women. Incontinence is defined as the loss of control over urination to the point of causing "social" unease and a lack of independence for the person that is affected. The causes vary from stress, (in this case stress refers to tightened abdominal muscles that exert pressure on the baldder) to actual neuromuscular issues in the pelvis. And the effects are as expressed before, the inability to "hold back" urine as one would otherwise like to.


1. ( accessed 9/6/2016






Diapers: -Simple -Relatively cost effective -Allows some semblance of independence

Excercise: -Simple -"Free" if done from a home -Positively affects other areas of life (being fit is just good for you in general

Catheters: -They work -Outpatient so no hospital visit is usually required -Increased independence -Good for elderly people or injured patients that can't otherwise move

Medication: -Usually hits the heart of the problem -Fastest method, usually - requires only an initial hospital visit


Diapers: -Very demoralizing for the patient -someone has to change the diaper -must be changed regularly to avoid skin conditions -doesn't actually solve the issue

Exercise: -May be difficult to impossible for some patients -Could lead to other complications -The free aspect only applies to those who have their own houses/ areas to work out in

Catheters: -Uncomfortable -Requires a "trained" individual to insert and remove the catheter -must be changed -Could lead to several UTI's

Medication: -Drugs are bad -Side effects usually outweigh benefits -Requires the patient to remember to take their medicine (again a difficulty for elderly patients) -Could lead to complications if the patient is on other medicine at the time.

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Customer Validation

We believe patients would be greatly thrilled with the product that we are supposing as it would return nigh on complete independence to them.

The payer would also be thrilled as what we are proposing should be relatively "cheap" and competitive on the market.

The physicians wouldn't have to sacrifice time with a lengthy surgery thus allowing them to simpy diagnose and move on so we believe that we would score high in this category

We foresee no issues here


We also foresee no issues here.

IP Position

What we are suggesting is a type of modified catheter and as the patent for catheters has been released we believe that we would get a 0 in this section as that would meant that there are no current patents filed for what we're proposing. (Note: we are not 100% on this however, a search for patent information on catheters returns several entries but none that seemed relevant)

Fundability Worksheet Scores


Customer Validation

IP Position

0-1 (could actually be much higher depending on how the patenting process works