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--This device is used for patients who want to know if they have Lyme's Disease. To use it, a doctor will take a blood test of the patient, then put the blood into the test tube. A liquid in the cylinder part of the device will then be released into the test tube. The liquid causes the enzymes of Lyme's Disease to clump together, so once the test tube is centrifuged, if there is clumping in the blood, the test is positive for Lyme's Disease. If there is no clumping, the test is negative for Lyme's Disease.--

Technical and Clinical Feasibility

Technical Feasibility

a. What are the technologies needed?
-Syringe, test tubes, Storage for liquid, lyme detecting chemical

b. What are the challenges?
-Making the lyme detecting chemical

c. What could go wrong?
-Lyme detecting chemical does not function properly

Clinical Feasibility

a. Will it work in the clinic?

b. What are the clinical risks?
-Blood borne pathogens from dirty needles

c. Have similar products been in a clinical trial? How long was the trial?

Market Analysis

Value Creation

It creates value by preventing more serious stages of lyme disease.

Manufacturing Cost
-Syringe: $2
-Test Tube plus cork: $0.75
-Storage compartment above test tube: $0.50
-Antibody Serum:$25
Total Cost of Human Juice Extractor: $28.25

One time cost
Research: $400,000

Sales Price
The average cost for a Western Blot Lyme Disease is $380. Our design is efficient enough to bring the price down as well as provide profit. Our cost will be $350/test

A minimum of $103,600,000 annually
"Lyme Disease Western Blot Blood Test." - Infectious Disease Blood Tests. N.p., n.d. Web. 14 Sept. 2016.

Market Size

-All ages 0-90

-Significant stressor in children ages 0-15

-Tends to affect boys/men more so than women until old age

-296,000 - 376,000 cases of lyme per year
"How Many People Get Lyme Disease?" Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2015. Web. 14 Sept. 2016.

Fundability Discussion

Technical Feasibility: 2
Our design is very simple, inexpensive and easy to produce. However some research is required, but it is a reasonable price. The profit will still be a minimum of 130 million.

Clinical Feasibility: 2
This is possible as it can already be detected, but improvements in detection speed will require some special expertise and research.