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Name: Kelsey Boos
Name: Nadiah Meor Azman
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Descriptive Stats and Graph



- Gold Standard: 96.647 (°F)

- Spree Headband: 95.531 (°F)

Standard Deviations:

- Gold standard: 1.923

- Spree Headband: 0.870


- Gold Standard: 324

- Spree Headband: 324

Standard Error:

- Gold Standard:.107

- Spree Headband: .048

Two Tailed Paired T-Test:

p-value: 1.09E-21

Pearson's Correlation Coefficient:

r = 0.193

Temperature averages.jpg

Temperature Correlation.jpg

Heart Rate:


- Gold Standard: 98.090

- Spree Headband: 98.954

Standard Deviations:

- Gold standard: 23.0305

- Spree Headband: 24.8775


- Gold Standard: 303

- Spree Headband: 303

Standard Error:

- Gold Standard: 1.323

- Spree Headband: 1.429

Two Tailed Paired T-Test:

p-value: .42712

Pearson's Correlation Coefficient:

r = 0.691

Heart Rate Averages.jpg

Heart Rate Correlation.jpg

Inferential Stats

p value for paired t test temperature= 0.247986 which is larger than 0.05 meaning that data is similar

Pearsons r for temperature =0.284634

p value for paired t test heartrate sensor= 0.847715 which is larger than 0.05 meaning that data is similar

Pearsons r for heart rate= 0.79724

Design Flaws and Recommendations

Some of the design flaws of our device & the recommendations to overcome those include:

1. The application of ultrasound waves which pose negative effect on body tissues.

One is thermal effect where the ultrasound waves heat body tissues up. Another is cavitations, where small bubble of gas are released upon exposure to extreme negative pressure. Besides, high decibels of ultrasound waves would injured hearing.

Recommendation: Minimize the frequency of the ultrasound wave. Proper trials and testing would be required.

2. The need for a proper charging system without having to remove the bracelet from the patient

The bracelet shouldn't be removed at all from the patient even for charging because of the unforeseen heart attack.

Recommendation: A mini power bank should be included with the bracelet as a set. When it's time to charge the bracelet, it can be connected to the mini power bank via cable.

3. Allergies of certain patients towards plastic

The strap of our device would be composed of plastic material like polyurethane in order to make it durable and provide comfort to the patient. However, certain people are allergy towards plastic.

Recommendation: To be more flexible, we could also another version of this device, in which the strap is composed of latex.

Experimental Design of Own Device

In designing our own experiment, we decided that testing people with heart issues or those that have a risk of having a heart attack as the type of people that will be tested. These people will be the primary patients that will be looking to buy or use this product. There are around 70 million people in the United States that have high blood pressure. For the clinical testing, around 1000 people should be a relatively good amount for our purposes, with looking at around 10 hospitals throughout the United States. To test out the heart attack detection rate, patients will have to wear this device all of the time to see how successful it is at detecting one and calling the emergency center. To detect the blood pressure accuracy, it would be best to for the patient to put both devices on at the same time, or have them doing the same activity and wearing only one device at a time. This test would be a paired T-test. The gold standard would most likely be the current method of pumping air around a patient’s arm. To detect the blood flow, it would be done in the same manner as the blood pressure meter, except the gold standard would be the currently accepted model for detecting a person’s blood flow. Heart rate will be tested in the same manner and the gold standard may be another wrist heart rate detector, or a detector through the finger or chest to see how it compares in accuracy. Both of the blood flow and heart rate tests will be T-tests as well.