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Independent and Dependent Variables

The independent variable is the dose of lipopolysaccharide, because it is the controlled agent. The dependent variable is the inflammatory protein, Inflammotin, because it is what is being affected by the dose of lipopolysaccharide.

Experimental Design


In the experiment, multiple selected groups will take pills of differing masses (5mg, 8mg, 10mg, 12mg), and a control group which takes no pill will also be observed. There will be 5 groups, one corresponding for each differently sized pill of lipopolysaccharide. This is necessary to determine the lowest amount of LPS which will have an affect with statistical significance.


The subjects will be selected randomly from an age group of 65-75.

Number of subjects per group

There will be a total of 20 people in each group, with an even number of men and women.

Subject Selection

The subjects will be selected randomly from an age group of 65-75 in an area surrounding the lab and prior medical history will be ignored in subject selection. Before the experiment their inflammotin levels in their blood will be measured using the ELISA system. 10 females and 10 males will be selected using this method. Prior medical history will be ignored in subject selection.

Sources of Error and Bias

One source of potential error in the experiment is the lack of funding that limits the amount of trials and repeatability, along with limitations on training of lab technicians to perform the tests and measurements accurately. Another source of potential error and bias could arise from the preconceived idea of effectiveness of the 10mg pill of lipopolysaccharide. To control against this, values from previous studies must not be used. Also, error could arise from previously abnormal of inflammation, and in order to combat this, the levels of inflammotin must be measured before the study is conducted.