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Descriptive Statistics

Temperature Data (Degrees Farenheit) ------------- GOLD STANDARD ------------------------------- SPREE

Temperature Data Descriptive Statistics

Heart Rate Data (Beats Per Minute) --------------- GOLD STANDARD ------------------------------- SPREE

Heart Rate Data Descriptive Statistics

  • The first "Standard" is STANDARD DEVIATION and the second "Standard" is STANDARD ERROR

Average Temperature Data Graph
Average Heart rate Data Graph



T.Test can only be used to compare two groups. In this experiment a comparison between two devices was performed, and a T-test was conducted to evaluate the results. In comparison between the oral thermometer and the spree in the temperature data: the T-test resulted in a P value of 2.39E-238, this shows that there is a statistical difference between the two devices; which indicates that the spree is providing an inaccurate readings. In the comparison between the pulse oximeter and the spree for heart rate data : P value = 0.495 and since the p-value > 0.05, there is no statistical difference between groups which indicates the consistency of the readings between the two devices.


During the experiment, there were many sources of error. The Spree Band was not always in direct contact with the skin. Also, when the test subject started to sweat in mass amounts, the Spree Band would slide around on the forehead, causing inaccurate readings. Another flaw in the experiment was having a steady connection between the Spree Band and one’s bluetooth device. The spree band also gave a range for the temperature instead of an accurate temperature point like the gold standard oral thermometer. This was proven in the data with the pearson's r value showing statistical differences. However the Spree Band did accurately take the heart rate when compared to the gold standard pulse ox.

A possible solution to these problems could be a better headband in which the Spree device goes into. The band could possibly work better as a wristband instead of a headband. If the device was on a subject’s wrist, it could measure pulse (heart rate) and body temperature. Also the temperature to be displayed as an accurate numerical value instead of a range.


Target Population and Need

Targeted population for UV hats are mostly people who spend long time outdoors either working, enjoying the warm sun, or doing any activities.The reason behind making this device is to protect people from the danger of the sun’s ultraviolet rays which is the major cause for skin cancer; the most common cancer in US. The UV hat changes its color with vibration to alert consumers when there is a risk of harm from unprotected sun exposure so they can take precautions such as applying their sunscreen, wearing sunglasses, and covering their body with a long-sleeve shirt.Taking these precautions can reduce the harm of the UV rays which lead to decrease the percentage of skin cancer patients.

Device Design

Diagram of our UVhat

Inferential Statistics

Data and Statistical Tests---------------------------------------Gold Standard----------------------------------------------UV hat

Data and Statistical Tests supporting our product


Description of image