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Independent and Dependent Variables

The independent variable is the lipopolysaccharide and the dependent variable is the inflammotin.

Experimental Design


The experiment would require different age groups of both elderly males and elderly females of similar medical history.


The elderly that will be tested are between the ages of 65 and 75.

Number of subjects per group

There will be 30 healthy people total that will be tested of which there are 5 males and 5 females for ages 65, 70, and 75. There will also be 30 randomly selected elderly within the age constraints of which there are 5 males and 5 females for ages 65, 70, and 75.

Subject Selection

The elderly will be chosen by similar medical history and physical characteristics. The average heights of the elderly we would test should be between 5' and 5'-6" for females and 5'6-5'-10" for males. The average weight is correlated to the height of the participants. The health of the participants will be determined by administering a physical as well as blood test prior to conducting the experiment.

Sources of Error and Bias

The number of subjects in the randomly selected group could result in misrepresented data because 5 people may not be enough. The dietary restrictions of each participant may vary which can alter the results. The medications the participants use may manipulate the results.