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Independent and Dependent Variables

The Independent variable in this experiment is the amount of anti-inflammatory agent (lipopolysaccharide) given to a patient. The Dependent variable in this experiment is the amount of anti-inflammatory protein (Inflammotin) produced when given the agent.

Experimental Design

In our experiment we will have a total of five groups. One of these groups will be the designated control group while the remaining four will be the test groups. The groups will be defined as follows: Group A will be given no lipopolysaccharide, instead they will receive a glucose pill. Group B will receive a pill that contains 2mg of lipopolysaccharide. Group C will receive a pill that contains 4mg of lipopolysaccharide. Group D will receive a pill that contains 6mg of lipopolysaccharide. Group E will receive a pill that contains 8mg of lipopolysaccharide.

Since the study is specifically interested in inflammotin in the elderly, all subjects will be 65 or older.

Number of subjects per group

We will have a total of 20 subjects in each group for a total of 100 test subjects for the experiment. Ten of the subjects in each group will be male and Ten will be female.

Subject Selection

We will select our subjects using a list of criteria that will give Kristen as accurate and controlled of data we can get. The first qualification will be that the subjects will have to be at or over the age of 65 years old. We will not discriminate based on gender. We want the ratio of subjects to be roughly 50/50- male/female. Another qualification that we will filter subjects with is a basic and consistent "health" measurement. We want to select subjects that have in general, the same (relatively) blood pressure, blood-glucose level, eating habits, daily activity level and an overall health factor. In simple words, we will choose subjects that are considered to have "normal" health conditions. However, we will not discriminate against size/weight of the subjects in either severity.

Sources of Error and Bias

When we work with older people, medications and diseases are going to be affect the result of the test. Also, fasting can affect test result as well. The test will require healthy people and that don't have any chronic diseases, inflammations, and also don't take any medications. They should be fasting at least 6 hours prior to the test. A person's sex, whether male or female, age, height and weight all play a role in the test results. All these factors should be taken into account and the tests will be varied. Another source of error would be if one of our subjects was not able to make it in every week. He/she could only show up sporadically and would not be able to give us a solid block of data for that person.