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Name: Norah Alkhamis
Name: Jesus Calderon
Name: Kevin Couch
Name: Jordan Kariniemi
Name: Scott Slade
Name: Rachel Tomlinson




  • Lab Coat
  • Gloves
  • PCR Reaction Mix, 8 tubes, 50 uL with Taq DNA polymerase, mgCl2, and dNTPs
  • DNA/primer mix, 50 uL each. Each mix contains different DNA template. Also, all the tubes have the same primer and reverse primer
  • Strip of empty PCR tubes
  • Disposable pipette tips
  • Red solo cup
  • Micropipettor
  • OpenPCR machine

PCR Reaction Sample List

Tube Label PCR Reaction Sample Patient ID
G# + Positive control none
G# - Negative control none
G# 1-1 Patient 1, replicate 1
G# 1-2 Patient 1, replicate 2
G# 1-3 Patient 1, replicate 3
G# 2-1 Patient 2, replicate 1
G# 2-2 Patient 2, replicate 2
G# 2-3 Patient 2, replicate 3

DNA Sample Set-up Procedure

  1. Step 1
  2. Step 2
  3. Step 3...

OpenPCR program

Research and Development

PCR - The Underlying Technology

BME100: PCR Lab B

Tube 1: purple 50 uL

Tube 2: orange 50 uL

Tube 3: green 100 uL

Tube 4: green 100 uL


- Volume: quantitate.

- Final color: qualitative

2. - Accuracy is the nearness of the measurement.

- Precision is the degree to which several measurements have answers close to each other/scatter of the measurements

3. We were both. Proper colors and volume amounts were reached

BME100: PCR Lab D

3i. What is a nucleotide? A nucleotide is the building blocks of nucleic acids that carry packets of energy within the cell.

3ii. What is polymorphism? It is the fusion of multiple phenotypes which results from the evolutionary process.

4i.What species is this variation found in?

Homo sapiens.

4ii. What chromosome is the variation located on? The variation is located on chromosome 21:34370656

4iii. What is listed as the Clinical significance of this SNP? The clinical significance is listed as Pathogenic.

4iv. Which gene(s) is this SNP associated with? Is associated with the gene KCNE2.

4v. What disease is linked to this SNP? Long QT syndrome is associated with this particular SNP.

6i. What does KCNE2 stand for? KCNE2 (potassium voltage-gated channel, Isk-related family, member 2) is a protein-coding gene.

6ii. Briefly describe the molecular function of this gene? The KCNE2 gene provides instructions for making a protein that regulates the activity of potassium channels.

7i. What is an allele? alleles are various traits that are located on the same chromosome.

7ii.The disease-associated allele contains what sequence? Down syndrome is an example of allele related disease located on the 21 chromosome

8i. 34370826