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The mission of the BE Diversity Committee is to celebrate and support diversity in BE, namely by planning and promoting activities that:

  1. Make all members of the department feel welcomed, valued, supported, and included,
  2. Demonstrate the need for diversity within the department,
  3. Allow free and constructive communication about diversity issues,
  4. Encourage increasing numbers of underrepresented minorities among the students, post-doctoral fellows, staff, and faculty in BE.


Upcoming events

2nd Annual BE Diversity Potluck:
Friday, April 13th 12-1pm
NE47-189 (Tech Square)
Sign up to bring something to share!

Recruitment Visits

Join in and visit either a predominantly minority serving US college or university, or your US undergraduate institution to help recruit US under-represented minority graduate students to our Biological Engineering Division!

Movie/dinner diversity-promoting informal events

BE Diversity celebrates French culture (January 2006)
BE Diversity celebrates Caribbean culture (November 17, 2005)
BE Diversity celebrates Puerto Rican culture (August 19, 2005): pictures!
BE Diversity celebrates Iranian culture (June 17, 2005): pictures!
BE Diversity celebrates Indian culture (April 8, 2005): pictures!

BE Diversity seminars

Christopher M. Jones, MIT Assistant Dean for Graduate Students (December 14, 2005)
Evelynn Hammonds, Harvard Vice Provost for Diversity (April 12, 2006)

Inter-lab luncheons

Grodzinsky/Hamad-Schifferli/White inter-lab lunch (October 4, 2005)

Small-scale focused discussions on diversity issues

BE Women in Academia Mentoring Event (April 25, 2005)