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2nd Annual BE Diversity Potluck: CANCELLED!

  • This event has been cancelled due to lack of interest.
  • Friday, April 13th 12-1pm, NE47-189 (Tech Square)
  • email soniat at mit dot edu to sign up to bring something or sign yourself up on this wiki page
  • Please include your email address, name of the dish, and approximate serving number.
  • If you'd like to, include a short description of the history/ tradition surrounding the dish, and bring it with you to lunch!
  • There is a kitchenette available just next door to NE47-189, and there is a full kitchen (with stove, oven, etc) upstairs.
  • example: Charles Darwin <>, Finch Fricassee, 20 servings

Salads & Starters

  • email, dish name, # servings, description(optional)

Main Dishes


  • Lawrence, ldavid, meat+rice, [25]
  • Sean, country ham [15]


  • Sean <saclarke> Sesame Noodles [15]



  • Robin Prince, cookies, 30 servings
  • Bahar Edrissi <bahar@MIT.EDU>, rice pudding, ~25 servings

I'm bringing something but I don't know what yet

  • soniat, 20 servings