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I am a graduate student in Tom Knight's lab and co-advised by Drew Endy.




My current work is in the area of synthetic biology.

  • Thesis research: a brief summary of my thesis research and interests.
  • ICSB 2005 poster: my latest poster on my work.
  • FAQ and thoughts: my own answers to frequently asked questions and objections to the field as well as thoughts on related experimental issues.

Other related discussions and projects in which I am involved.


  • BE.109: I am a teaching assistant for BE.109 and helping out Natalie Kuldell in the experiment of integrating BE.109 and OpenWetWare.


Some non-research but still important discussions and projects in which I am participating.

  • OpenWetWare: a wiki for researchers in biological science and engineering to enable more sharing and collaboration in the research community.
  • Publishing: can we improve the publishing system in synthetic biology?
    • To this end, I helped set up the MIT DSpace synthetic biology publishing archive. Check out the archive by date by author
  • Science 2.0: some thoughts on how the conduct of science will change through Web2.0 technologies.
  • Synthetic Society Working Group: a working group exploring societal issues around synthetic biology.
  • Previously, I also helped to organize Synthetic Biology 1.0: The First International Meeting on Synthetic Biology.

Previous research


Reshma Shetty
32 Vassar Street, Room 32-311
Cambridge, MA 02139
rshetty AT mit DOT edu