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Characterization of standard biological parts is an essential step in enabling construction of more complicated devices and systems based on these parts. A standard method of characterization (or several standards) will better enable sharing of parts between different laboratories, as well as improve our ability to design devices.

Discussion Topics

  1. What are the current available methods for characterization of parts?
  2. Which characterization methods are particularly relevant to certain parts?
  3. How can we ensure that these methods can easily be applied in a standardized way across labs? i.e. how do we make the information produced by an experiment be independent of the particular experiment?
  4. What information does each characterization method provide about a part?
  5. Are standard operating conditions important?
  6. When is the characterization of a part finished? i.e. What would a characterization standard look like?


Wednesday, Oct 26, 2005 at 1pm in 68-474



Short term to do list

  1. F plasmids - Reshma
  2. Antibiotic resistance cassettes - Tom
  3. Terminators - Jason
  4. FCS - Caitlin and Reshma
  5. pheS (PCR or synthesize) - Tom

Substrate for discussion

This is an attempt to organize some of the available characterization methodologies as well as the type of information that they generate. It might help us formulate the beginnings of a characterization standard(s). Feel free to edit and revise since this is very preliminary and likely has errors and is missing useful techniques.