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ONS-ACI-Icons.png This person is a practitioner of ONS-ACI. If it isn't in the notebook it isn't being done.

About Me:

Real Name: Anthony Salvagno
From: Beacon, NY
Undergrad: SUNY Albany
Degrees: BS in Physics, BS in Mathematics
Grad: UNM
Degrees: MA in Physics

Web Stuff:
The Randomly Grad Life: my personal blog
My Youtube page
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My life in real time

Contact Me

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Stuff I do

My Notebook

This contains all the research I do at Kochlab. My primary project is to analyze DNA with bound proteins by unzipping DNA. Some of the applications of this are:

  • Shotgun DNA Mapping
  • RNA Transcription
  • Telomere Mapping
  • Tus-Ter protein behavior (coming soon with Cameron Neylon)

The other project I dabble in is working with the molecular motor Kinesin. This is what I do:

  • Transform kinesin from E. coli and purify (coming soon)
  • Analyze kinesin processivity (coming soon)

Graphic Design

Pages to Watch

Andy's Contributions
Koch's Contributions