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Project Pages

stdt1200 {lexA system}
stdt1201 {sbb1231: cI-TM, sbb1214: lz_AAAA-3}
stdt1202 {sbb1229: cI-N-TraR-B, sbb1208: lz_EVLR}
stdt1203 {sbb1224: FKBP, sbb1203: lz_WGLK}
stdt1204 {sbb1223: caff_VHH, sbb1204: lz_EILK}
stdt1205 {sbb1216: cI-N-AmilCP-B, sbb1205: lz_RLEK}
stdt1206 {sbb1217: cI-N-MukF-B, sbb1206: lz_KILV}
stdt1207 {sbb1218: cI-N-bOBP-B, sbb1207: lz_RLER}
stdt1208 {sbb1219: P_R-AmilCP, sbb1209: lz_KILD}
stdt1209 {sbb1220: P_R-CmR, sbb1210: lz_IILK-1}
stdt1210 {sbb1221: P_R-Bla, sbb1228: [AS]4}
stdt1211 {sbb1201: BsAraR, sbb1226: His6}
stdt1212 {sbb1202: AraC, sbb1230: lz-IILK}
stdt1213 {sbb1222: PhoA, sbb1211: lz_AAAA}
stdt1214 {sbb1225: Tar, sbb1212: lz_AAAA-1}
stdt1215 {sbb1227: Leu8, sbb1213: lz_AAAA-2}
stdt1216 {sbb1232: ToxR-CI', sbb1215: lz_AAAA-4}

Part Templates:

sbb1201 BsAraR
sbb1202 AraC
sbb1203 lz_WGLK
sbb1204 lz_EILK
sbb1205 lz_RLEK
sbb1206 lz_KILV
sbb1207 lz_RLER
sbb1208 lz_EVLR
sbb1209 lz_KILD
sbb1210 lz_IILK-1
sbb1211 lz_AAAA
sbb1212 lz_AAAA-1
sbb1213 lz_AAAA-2
sbb1214 lz_AAAA-3
sbb1215 lz_AAAA-4
sbb1216 cI-N-AmilCP-B
sbb1217 cI-N-MukF-B
sbb1218 cI-N-bOBP-B
sbb1219 cI amilCP reporter * Uses Trim antibiotic
sbb1220 cI Cm reporter *
sbb1221 cI Bla reporter *
sbb1222 PhoA
sbb1223 caff_VHH
sbb1224 FKBP
sbb1225 Tar
sbb1226 His6
sbb1227 Leu8
sbb1228 [AS]4
sbb1229 cI-N-TraR-B
sbb1230 lz-IILK
sbb1231 cI-TM
sbb1232 ToxR-ci'

Families by part type:

Complete Gene part family
Part is a homodimer domain
Part is a leucine zipper

Experimental notes:

Part requires BglBrick assembly
Genomic or Plasmid DNA with the feature is available
Part requires an EcoRI/BamHI Transfer
Part requires Gene Synthesis