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*Jun 19 2008 ChangHun Lee ; BRB
*Jun 19 2008 ChangHun Lee ; BRB:[[JHIBRG:Abstract Jun 19 2008| Role of Scaffold proteins in Signaling Pathways and its Application ]]
*May 15 2008 Youn Na ; BRB
*May 15 2008 Youn Na ; BRB
*May 1 2008 SukYeon Hwang ; BRB
*May 1 2008 SukYeon Hwang ; BRB
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[[JHIBRG:2006 - 2007| '''2006-2007 Meetings''']]
[[JHIBRG:2006 - 2007| '''2006-2007 Meetings''']]
==Mini-reviews and Perspectives==
==Mini-reviews and Perspectives==

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JHIBRG: Johns Hopkins Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Group

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  • Johns Hopkins Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Group (JHIBRG) is a research discussion group mainly composed of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Korean graduate students and post doctoral researchers (alumni) who are actively involved in biomedical research and bioengineering. We seek to address fundamental questions about biological complexity in an interdisciplinary manner. We meet every other Thursdays at 6:30 PM (Johns Hopkins Medical Campus, Broadway Research Building Room 5th Floor Seminar room or Johns Hopkins Homewood Campus, Clark Hall 110)

Members (Member Pictures)

Upcoming Meetings


Past Meetings

Photos of Last Meeting, July 5 2007, Jungwhan Kim presented

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2006-2007 Meetings

Mini-reviews and Perspectives

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BRIC Interviews with Korean Scientists

BRIC Special Issues


Links to Johns Hopkins Sites, Research Institutes, Biomedical Journals, Scientific Meetings, Databases and more

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Contact us

Comments or questions? Please contact JungHye Choi (jchoi63@jhmi.edu), Kibem Kim (kibemkim@hotmail.com) or Jungwhan Kim ( vetjayk@gmail.com )