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Jungwhan and lots of mice
Chang-Hun's kumdo practice
Namwoo with tiny fish

JunHo, Youn, YoungTae, HoJung, JungHye, SooHyung, Jay

Jay, Mi_hyun, Youn and Youngtae


File:Jay and Mi hyun.jpg

Jay and Mi_hyun

Youn saw SOMETHING !!!

Mi_hyun and fish

Paintball game (YoungTae, Junho, Namwoo, Kibem, Jungwhan and Changhun)

Kibem and Turtle

Jungwhan, Fishing on a labor day holiday, Pocono, Pennsylvania

April 5 2007 JHIBRG Meeting from left, Junho, Youngtae, Eunchai, Mi_hyun, Hojung and Namwoo

(April 5 2007, Ross Research Building 1003)

After our Feb meeting
from left, Jungwhan, Sukyeon, Hojung, Junho, Hyoeun, Changhun, Eunchai, Namwoo and Mi_hyun (Feb 1 2007, Ross Research Building 1003)

Jungwhan, Shooting with my classmates on a really really hot, humid day (over 100F), Towson, Maryland

JunHo is happy (April 5 2007, Ross Research Building 1003)

File:Mi hyun1.jpg

Mi_hyun is also happy (April 5 2007, Ross Research Building 1003)

Youngtae with Dr. Ben Carson, division head of pediatric Neurosurgery

Nathan with funny hat (SF)

Eunchai is doing what?

Jungwhan, Skiing on a wonderful spring day, Pocono, Pennsylvania

Youngtae is writing something