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ChangHee Lee

PhD student of graduate program, Cellular and Molecular Medicine
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine


    • Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Electrical Engineering)
    • Bachelor of Science (Double major in Biological Sciences)

Current research

  • Lab member of Shanthini Sockanathan group

Previous research

  • Microarray Analysis, Mass-spec. analysis
  • RFIC Design for CDMA/DMB application
    • K. Lim, S. Lee, S. Min, S. Ock, M. W. Hwang, ChangHee Lee, K. Kim and S. Han, “A Fully-Integrated Direct Conversion Receiver for CDMA and GPS applications,” IEEE Asian Solid State Circuits Conference, 2005.
    • M. W. Hwang, J. C. Lee, S. Beck, S. Yoo, K. Lim, H. Jung, ChangHee Lee, K. Kim, G. Cho and S. Han, “A Fully-Integrated Low Power Direct Conversion Transmitter with Fractional-N PLL using a fast AFC Technique for CDMA Applications,” IEEE Radio Frequency IC Symposium, 2005.

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