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Welcome to Harvard's 2007 iGEM team wiki!

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Projects: Cling-E. coli

Project Planning

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Teaching Fellows


Education Advisor

Harvard 2007 iGEM team
Kneeling (L-R): Nicholas Guido, George Xu, Stephanie Lo, Ellenor Brown, Shaunak Vankudre, Alain Viel
Standing (L-R): Pamela Silver, George Church, Debra Auguste, Bill Senapedis, William Shih
On Statue (L-R): Mike Strong, Tamara Brenner, Perry Tsai, Kevin Shee, Harris Wang

A basic overview about Harvard iGEM 2007:

This year Harvard's team consisted of 8 undergraduate students, with backgrounds in molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, and computer science. With the help of 6 faculty advisers and 4 teaching fellows, plus one education advisor, they devised and executed a single project in the area of systems biology with three subsections, which you can find in the "projects" section above.

A basic overview about iGEM Competition:
iGEM is an international arena where student teams compete to design and assemble engineered machines using advanced genetic components and technologies.

We work in the field of "synthetic biology":

"Synthetic biology aims to create novel biological functions and tools by modifying or integrating well-characterized biological components (i.e. genes, promoters) into higher order genetic networks using mathematical modeling to direct the construction towards the desired end product."

Munchbacteria copy.jpg

And...we never forget how much fun research really can be...

I mean, where else will you get the chance to see a picture of RFP bacteria combined with the famous Edvard Munch work Scream. (See left)

And where else can you have a blast "whashing" DNA? (See video)

Finally, a special thanks goes to MIT's team page, along with the rest of the iGEM team for our page formatting.

Hope you enjoy the page,