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I will likely present something along these lines:

  • Modifying bacteria to produce vitamins and biologically available minerals for the human body
  • Bacterial production of fibrin
  • purifying arsenic laced waters using E coli
  • creating bacterial couture that will live off human sweat and produce silken films -- you'll not need to clean these at all! Moreover, these textiles will grow as you grow!

I have read the following papers thus far:

  • on generating e.m.f. from bacteria:

--circuits of slime --> by Nicholas Lane in Nature 2006

  • On purifying arsenic laced water

--The project titled "arsenic Biosensor" from iGEM 2006 --Then there's this website on the Grainger challenge that talks about some improvisations that work -- need to be cautious about methods of disposing left-over slag. Web address is:

Grainger Challenge website - [1]