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(im)Possible targets: cells targeted in autoimmune disease (or any disease really, but the ones that interest me are autoimmune) ex: type 1 diabetes and lupus.

read abstract about p2x7 receptors in beta cells of pancreas. migration and destruction of insulin producing cells. If we can sense these cells, can we help them fend off autoantibodies, or replace their capabilities by attaching genetically modified bacteria to them? Seemingly sketchy/too ambitious, but that's how I roll. Could we at least attach to target sites used by autoantibodies, thus thwarting the autoantibodies? Do we even have access to the cells needed for this?....

Definition: autoantibodies are antibodies which target the individuals own proteins.


Basically, I do not know what to do/read. Oh, productivity.


Disregard randomness in my first entry. Hopefully developing something useful for the rest of my posts.

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