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Lab Members

Rich Cronn - Research Geneticist
Tara Jennings - Biological Sciences Technician
Katie Armes- Lab Research Assistant
Sanjuro Jogdeo- Lab Informatics Assistant


Dee Denver - Oregon State University
Peter Dolan - Mathematician and Bioinformatician, University of Minnesota - Morris
Aaron Liston - Oregon State University
Matt Parks - Oregon State University
John Syring - Linfield College
Mike Schwartz - USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station

Former Lab Members

Brian J. Knaus - Postdoctoral Researcher, USDA-ARS
Matt Horning - USDA Forest Service, Eastern Oregon Regional Geneticist
Ann Wilyard - Hendrix College, Arkansas
Rebecca Huot - North Eugene High School
Sue Huber
Angie Rodriguez
Jane Marler
Katie Alderman
Jenny Swanson
Teague Green