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The Sweet Smell of.....E.coli?

Today we did a plasmid digest on part #'s 765001 and 45120. We wanted to obtain clearer results on our gel. We ran a 1% gel with the digested plasmids looking for pieces at 1200 for 45120 and 76 and 2800 for 765001. The gel showed that 45120 was a long smear in one well and nothing much in the other well. for 765001 one well came out good with a band at 3000 as expected but no band that was 76 bps long. the other well had two band that weren't at either location we were looking for. Our group decided to take the plasmids that we had and do a PCR amplification on them with the designed primers and the M13 primers. We are going to take a diluted sample and see if we can amplify out part out of the Plasmid even though we didn't get great results from the gel. if we run a PCR and then a gel and we don't get the bands at the expected lengths then we will know for sure that we need to do another plasmid extraction.