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The Sweet Smell of.....E.coli?

Today Aaron, Jared, and Surabhi performed PCR on the plasmids containing BBa_J45120 and BBa_I5001 in order to amplify those parts off the plasmids so that we can 1) perform another gel electrophoreses to test whether or not we have the correct parts and 2) if so we can continue with our project. Corey, Diveena, and Matt labeled and prepared plates by spreading varying concentrations of tetracyclin on them and then spreading E coli that is supposed to contain plasmid with BBa_J45120 as a check to see if this part is there and functioning as it is expected to i.e. it produces wintergreen smell when grown on media containing tetracyclin. Unfortunately, if we fail to smell anything we will not have a good idea why that is. Reasons for failure include, the part failed to be inserted into the plasmid, the part does not work, the part does not work the way that we believe it should, or we did not apply the proper amount of tetracyclin to the media. If we smell nothing, the only way that we can be confident that we have the part is from the results of our gel electrophoresis of the PCR we performed today.