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The Sweet Smell of.....E.coli?

A restriction digestion (double digest)using EcoR1 and Spe1 was carried out followed by gel electrophoresis of the digested product on 0.8% Agarose gel. The results that is expected, based on band sizes:

  • Part J45119: 1230bp and 3446bp
  • Part J45120: 1292bp and 3446bp
  • Part M5001 : 76bp and 2079bp

After the gel electrophoresis, the following was observed:

Part J45119: A band was observed between the 1200bp and 1500bp region and another above the 3000bp region relative to the 100bp ladder used.

Part J45120: No clear bands are observed, instead a smear is seen

Part M5001 : A band is observed between the 2000bp and 3000bp region, the 76bp band was not observed which could be due to the low concentration of the plasmid used.

Since we intent to amplify our biobrick part from Part J45120 which did not have very good restriction digestion results, this needs to be discussed with Axel.