20.109(S15):Journal club I (Day6)

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20.109(S15): Laboratory Fundamentals of Biological Engineering

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Please see Day 9 for paper options and presentation information.


Due on M1D7

  1. Write topic sentences for the paragraphs that will be included in the background and motivation section of your data summary for module 1. Your topic sentences should include references that you find to validate and support the statement. At this point the references can be in any format you choose. Please include between 3 and 7 topic sentences.
    • Review the general guidelines for writing up an introduction to your research.
    • In addition to the topic sentences, submit a list of your references. You should include the title of the referenced article and a brief summary of the article that includes why you chose that reference to support your topic sentence.

Due on M1D8

  1. You will revise the methods draft originally submitted on M1D2. Feel free to read the assignment details and get an early start!

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