20.109(S10):Post-selection IVT and journal club (Day6)

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20.109(S10): Laboratory Fundamentals of Biological Engineering

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You'll begin today by setting up your post-column IVT reactions. Then we will move to room 16-336 for the first round of journal club presentations.


Part 1: IVT

Refer to the Day 3 protocol to prepare your IVT Master Mix, except this time shoot for a total volume of 40 μL rather than 80 μL per reaction. (Thus, you will add 6.6 μL of RT-PCR mixture to each reaction instead of 13.1 μL as you did before.) Note the time that you put your reactions on the 37 °C heat block.

Part 2: Journal club

We will move to 16-336 for the talks.

For next time

  • For everyone...
    • No additional lab report homework will be due. However, it is strongly suggested that you continue to work on your report, particularly the RT-PCR figure and experimental schematic. As always, I am happy to provide feedback even when I am not providing a grade.
  • If you presented for journal club today...
    • You should work on Part III of the computational assignment, and hand in a picture of the full-length 8-12 sequence with the requested highlighting on Day 7.
    • An awareness of your own strengths and weaknesses can often help you improve your future work. After you give your presentation today, write a brief self-evaluation. Specifically, describe (in a short phrase or sentence each) two things that you thought you did well, and two that could use improvement. Feel free to include both big-picture and detail-oriented comments. This assignment is due by email within 48 hours after your presentation.

Reagent list

Same as Day 3.