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About Me

Zachary Zhipeng Sun
Currier House '08
Chemical and Physical Biology
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Interests: Synthetic Biology; Public Health
Email: zsun --(at)-- fas --.-- harvard --.-- edu
Work in MCB100, Spring 06
Lab notebook from iGEM06, Summer and Fall 06

Update: Now in UCLA/Caltech MSTP - see [1]

Biophysics 101, Spring 07

Note: Go to the due date of the assignment to see the assignment

  • Assignment for 3/15 posted. Please don't look unless your name starts with a G, M, or S.

<calendar> name=Harvard:Biophysics_101/Notebook:ZS date=2007/03/01 view=threemonths format=%name/%year-%month-%day weekstart=0 </calendar>

<calendar> name=Harvard:Biophysics_101/Notebook:ZS date=2007/05/01 view=threemonths format=%name/%year-%month-%day weekstart=0 </calendar>