ZEG reporter mouse

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Reporter mouse strain which can be switches by Cre recombination from LacZ to eGFP expression (therefore ZEG).

Description of the line

Original publication

Z/EG, a double reporter mouse line that expresses enhanced green fluorescent protein upon Cre-mediated excision.
Genesis. 2000 Nov-Dec;28(3-4):147-55.
Novak A, Guo C, Yang W, Nagy A, Lobe CG.
Cancer Research Division, Sunnybrook and Women's College Health Science Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
PMID 11105057

Excerpt from the abstract: "..We have developed a novel mouse line that acts as a Cre reporter. The mice, designated Z/EG (lacZ/EGFP), express lacZ throughout embryonic development and adult stages. Cre excision, however, removes the lacZ gene, which activates expression of the second reporter, enhanced green fluorescent protein. We have found that the double-reporter Z/EG line is able to indicate the occurrence of Cre excision from early embryonic to adult lineages..."


start: 5'

  • promoter: pCAGGS (allegedly ubiquitous actin promoter sequence)
  • loxP site for Cre site-specific recombination
  • LacZ (bacterial β-galactosidase)
  • 3x pA signal
  • loxP site
  • eGFP
  • pA

end: 3'

Insertion site

Colombo..Larue 2010 PMID 20014334

Colombo and colleagues determined by inverse PCR that the transgene is inserted into chromosome 5, region G1 just upstream the Rasa4 gene but does not influence its expression.


  • Novak & colleagues 2000 Genesis at Pubmed PDF
  • Z/EG mouse line = Tg(ACTB-Bgeo/GFP).. at JAX [1] [2]
  • ZEG mouse line at Miami Mice (Canadian biotech company)