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  • Please print out this page, complete the form, and bring it to Dr. Yeo. (If not applicable, write 'n/a')
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  • If you have worked with CHEMICALS:
  1. ___ Be sure all of your hazardous waste has been picked up by REM.
  2. ___ Any chemicals that you are leaving behind must be in original containers only, with labels, and you must indicate who is now responsible for them.
  3. ___ Remember to remove all your samples from the refridgerator, freezer, etc.
  4. ___ if you are leaving behind any samples, the contents must be fully identified and a responsible indicated.
  5. ___ All glassware must be cleaned and returned to its proper place.
  • If you have worked with BIOLOGICAL MATERIALS:
  1. ___ Remove and destroy all microorganisms, cell lines, or tissues that will no longer be used by other lab members. Check the refridgerator, freezer, incubators, bench tops, biosafety cabinets, etc.
  2. ___ Decontaminate all surfaces and equipment of which you have had exclusive use (e.g., benches, fume hoods, biosafety cabinets, water baths, incubators, centrifuges, etc.)
  3. ___ All glassware must be cleaned and returned to its proper place.
  • If you have worked with HAZARDOUS MATERIALS of any kind:
  1. ___ You must have your work area surveyed by one of the lab members to ensure that all materials have been properly disposed of.
  • If you have worked with ANIMALS:
  1. ___ Make sure that all animal caging and supplies belonging to the animal facility are returned.
  2. ___ Make sure that equipment is properly sanitized after animal contact. If you have any questions about this procedure or anything else relating to animals, contact Dr. Yeo.
  • If you have been a caketaker for EQUIPMENT:
  1. ___ Find a successor, to whom you transfer all information, and notify the lab.
  • KEYS:
  1. ___ Return all Keys to the Pharmacy storeroom.
  1. ___ Return or remove laboratory clothing.
  2. ___ Clean up your computer files from the communal computers.
  3. ___ Check with Mary Ellen Hurt and the IPPH office (124) about what administrative matters must be attended to.
  4. ___ Make copies of lab notebooks for your use, but leave the original notebooks with the Lab.
  5. ___ Good luck, and keep in touch :)

I, ________________________, have completed the Lab Personnel Check-out List.

Signature of Departing Researcher: __________________________________________________ Date: ___________