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Patents issued and submitted

1: Maosheng Yao, Tong Zhu, Miaomiao Tan, Fangxia Shen, “An electrostatic based method and device for collecting bioaerosols”, patent #: 201110020282.8 (Issued).

2: Maosheng Yao, Zhenqiang Xu and Tong Zhu, ”An exhaled breath condensate collection device and method”, patent #: 201110020115.3 (Issued).

3: Maosheng Yao, Tong Zhu, Fangxia Shen and Miaomiao Tan, “A real-time bioaerosol detection system and method”, patent #: 201110020450.3 (issued).

4: Maosheng Yao, Yan Wu, “A bioaerosol inactivation equipment and method”, patent #: :201110020857.6 (In Disclosure).

5: Maosheng Yao,Qi Chen,Jing Li,”A method for removing bacteria from liquid suspensions using nanoscale zero-valent iron particle inactivation and magnetic separation”, patent#:201110407670.1(In Disclosure)

6:Maosheng Yao, Fangxia Shen, Tong Zhu, Xuefeng Guo and Jindong Wang, “A method for rapid flu diagnosis”, patent#:201210349966.7(In Disclosure).

7: Maosheng Yao, Zhenqiang Xu and Kai Wei, “A mineral-oil based method for bioaerosol collection”, patent#:201210349954.4(In Disclosure).