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So, you have finally arrived at the stage of writing up your research. Congratulations. Now, make an informed choice regarding how to do this best. Microsoft Word, despite being widely used, does not easily produce a professionally formatted thesis. Many scientists, especially mathematicians and physicists, because maths is a weak point in Word, argue that LaTeX is better suited for the job. For a subjective comparison, see Word vs. LaTeX.

If you do choose Word, take the time to get to know the innards of the software. Become proficient, since otherwise your thesis will look bland or unscientific or both. As with LaTeX, using a good template can be an efficient shortcut to a nice layout.

The template you can download here only works if you stick to the pre-formatted styles and if you respect the automatic fields hidden in the document. It contains in-line explanations regarding the format but also very brief writing tips for the sections of your thesis.

Download the scientific thesis template for Microsoft Word.

Version 1 of this template was written in 2008/2009 by Sheila Kalenge, then at the Clarkson University. Many thanks to her for doing an excellent job. Version 2, above, is an adaptation from US letter to A4 page format with slightly adjusted styles, shortened, and partially rewritten. If you have come up with Version 3 or a template adjusted to your university, please share it on this OpenWetWare page.

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